Basic Credit Repair Package

* Permanent Blocking of Negative Accounts
* Up to 15 Negative Accounts
* Powerful 605b Blocking Method
* No Dispute Letters

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Advanced Credit Repair Package

* Everything from Basic Package and
* Unlimited Negative Accounts
* 10 Inquiries Removed
* No Dispute Letters

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Premium Credit Repair Package

* Everything from both Packages and
* Public Records Removal of Bankruptcy, Judgments, & Liens
*Unlimited Inquiries Removed.

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Atlanta Credit Repair Company

We are the top Atlanta Credit Repair Services  company in the United States serving clients nationwide. We have removed thousands of negative accounts for hundreds of clients and have removed collections, liens, bankruptcies, judgments, repossessions, and foreclosures from their credit reports since 2005. Call 1-800-490-2350! We have an impressive and unparalleled 99% successful outcome. We are the Atlanta’s Top Rated Credit Repair Services Company in America.

Get your credit back from the adverse effects of collections, charge-offs, bankruptcies, and judgments! Do not fall victim to dispute mills like Lexington Law or SkyBlue. We do not send monthly dispute letters over and over again. Our paralegal team aggressively fights your creditors using the all remedies available under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We get the job done in 30 days and there are no dispute letters. We are Atlanta’s Top Credit Repair Services Company in America.

Permanent Solutions! No Dispute Letters! Powerful and Fast Credit Repair Process for qualified clients! Call our National Service Center at 1-800-490-2350

Why Choose Credit Jack, Atlanta’s Top Credit Repair Company?

  1. No monthly dispute letters because it does not work and is not effective
  2. Full team of trained and experienced paralegals that create documents required by the FCRA for removal of collections and public records pursuant to FCRA 605(b).
  3. Once our package is received by the consumer reporting agencies get our documents the collections and public records are permanently blocked and removed.
  4. We permanently “block” collections and public records, that means a different collection agency is not allowed to report the same account again neither can the original merchants.
  5. Your negative items are permanently removed and blocked from from your credit report!

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Step by Step Credit Repair Process

1) We have a group of highly experienced and well trained paralegals and legal professionals that specialize in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. That produce documents tailored to your specific needs and direction. Each consumer reporting agency and original merchant is mailed a copy of the credit repair package.

2) The credit repair package is reviewed by each consumer reporting agency’s compliance department and items are scheduled for prompt removal.

3) The corresponding collections and public records are then purged and a permanent account block is placed on all negative accounts on your report and your score increases instantaneously.

Once ready you will receive an electronic request to view, sign, and save a copy of our electronic contract from DocuSign our contracts are never sent in PDF form for privacy and security reasons. Beware of online scams and imitators.

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Legal Disclaimer:
Not all clients or interested parties may be eligible for our products or credit repair services offered. Our services are exclusively reserved for identity theft victims. If you have any questions please contact our offices in Atlanta, GA 1-800-490-2350